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that everything Obama does is scrutinized and critisized. The judge makes a mistake during oath, and bunch of dumbasses say (seriously!) that Obama can't get things right. He doesn't let the media in during the first day and some claim the freedom of speech is no more. Come on!

I did not vote for him also, but it is time for many to accept the fact that McCain lost and we have a new president. And not the worst one, globally speaking.

The GITMO executive order I am highly concerned about, though. What's to happen to detainees?
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Well, I have to admit - good job, President Obama. A lot of people seem to really like you.
But you won't get my trust so easy.

Now go work on those renewable energy projects.

And the budget deficit.

And fix alternative minimum tax, please.

You have a lot of work cut out for you...

But for tonight, congratulations.
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Университетсоке здание, где я сегодня занимаюсь, обклееено ликами Обамы и Байдена. Но вот плакатик с доски в аудитории я сняла и перевесила в коридор. Потому что в аудитории я не хочу наблюдать агитки. Никакие.

Middlebush is covered with  Obama/Biden posters. The one from the blackboard in the room 132 I took off and hang in the corridor. Too much of this political shit for my taste.
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будет завтра видно Обаму


Корнелл закроют на вход в 5:30. Думаю, когда уезжать домой в 6, 7, или 9 вечера. Фотоаппарат мой в Японии сейчас, стоять на холоде и слушать, что "он имеет нам сказать" - фигушки. Вот ведь, не имела баба хлопот, приехал Обама.


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